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When you’re a subcontract machine shop, you don’t know what’s coming through the door next. This means you need fast, reliable, and versatile machines to make any kind of component cost-effectively! Skyblade Precision Engineering has been created as the innovative solution to today's elevated manufacturing needs. MTDCNC’s Lyndsey Vickers came to Skyblade Precision Engineering to learn why we've invested in the Brother Speedio M300Xd1 5-axis machine with an automation cell. Tune in to hear from our MD Paul Cobb as he dives into the benefits of unbelievable cycle times, bespoke smart programming, and greater energy efficiency for unmanned running of low volume parts.

We work for multi-national companies that can place work anywhere in the world. We have got to offer something special to them. Paul Cobb Managing Director

In this video Paul explains the substantial gains Skyblade is experiencing through it's innovative approach to sub-contract manufacturing via strategic investment in Brother Speedio CNC machining centres with automation cells, including:

  • Exceptionally fast cycle times

  • Quick, efficient tool changes

  • Extremely reliable

  • Runs 7 days a week virtually unmanned

  • Lower volume batch work feasible due to rapid changeover times

Skyblade can manufacture a wide range of complex components for industries including pneumatics, hydraulics, motorsports and even high quality taps! Batches are ideally between 100-1000 parts and we also offer a stockholding service, enabling us to facilitate lower call-off quantities throughout the year.

The benefits of this production solution have been so conclusive, we have recently taken delivery of a Brother Speedio M200X3 also equipped with an automation cell!

Skyblade - Precision Redefined, Efficiency Amplified

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